Electronic Signatures

eGrants uses online electronic signatures to record approvals on submitted projects.

Like a signature on a paper document, the electronic signature is a legally binding authorization that validates the user’s acceptance and approval of contracts, terms and conditions.

Generally, only managerial personnel in an Agency, such as a superintendent or director, have the authority to sign and submit legal documents.

Electronic signatures are secured and verified by the user’s unique login ID and password.  A special “electronic signature” role controls the ability to sign documents electronically.

The ability to use an electronic signature must be assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office of Chief Counsel.  Users must submit a legal agreement that verifies they have authority to submit legal documents on behalf of the Agency.  After review and approval, a representative of the Office of Chief Counsel assigns the electronic signature role in eGrants.

Agency User Administrators are responsible for creating the user accounts for the Agency’s managerial staff and assigning other roles the manager may perform, such as “authorized signoff” and “project submit.”  However, the User Administrator does not have the authority to assign the “electronic signature” role.

For information on obtaining the authority to apply electronic signatures for Agency personnel, contact the Program Office or the eGrants help desk.


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